Dear Clyde Hill Parents and Staff,

The First General Assembly Meeting of the 2016-2017 school year was held Thursday, September 15th at both 8:05 AM, and 6:00 PM.  Prior to outcome from the meeting, following are a few numbers to help give an idea of where we stand currently in terms of support for our school:

12% of CHE parents are currently paid PTA Members

1/3 of our teachers are paid PTA Members

Meeting Results:  The morning meeting had the greatest member turnout in comparison to the PM meeting.  However, the evening meeting had the greatest number of Clyde Hill Elementary Staff in attendance, which is more than all meetings last year combined.  Although not yet at 100%, having a significant number of teachers actively participate in our PTA helps assure that the programs we support will provide the greatest benefit for all students attending Clyde Hill.

Approved Motions:

  • 2016-2017 Budget approved in June was re-affirmed along with provision requiring the Board of Directors to perform a detailed review of expenses within 5 days, and present recommended changes to members for consideration of additional changes with subsequent approval.
  • Standing Rules were modified to allow Electronic/Email voting.  Once the modifications are made, the Standing rules will be presented for approval at the next General Assembly.

Unfortunately, the planned presentation was not able to be delivered during the AM session, which caused much difficulty and confusion for which I apologize for. The slides include a review of 2015-2016 financial performance, current financial status of accounts, and budget review.  All members will receive a link via email to ensure all have access to the same information.  For non-members interested in viewing this information, click here for access:  Join the PTA

Jim Bodtke                                                                                                                                     PTA President

PTA Membership

We encourage your family to choose a paid membership, which allows you to have a vote in PTA matters.  Your membership and participation is critical to ensuring we are making decisions that encompass our diverse community. 

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