Dear Clyde Hill Parents,

On behalf of the PTA Executive Board, welcome back to school! We look forward to a fantastic year!

The Clyde Hill PTA is a dedicated community of parents, faculty and staff that provides educational and enrichment experiences for our students. The Clyde Hill PTA supports our children’s education in three critical ways:

  1.  Raising funds (primarily through the Fall Envelope Drive and the Spring Walk-A-Thon),
  2. Sponsoring key educational programs financially and through extensive volunteer support
  3. Funding initiatives in the classroom that directly support our kids’ education

What makes Clyde Hill PTA special is our sense of community.  We would like to add a special welcome to our younger families embarking on their elementary school years. We know the first year can be overwhelming, and we would like to help. Please come to the Welcome Coffee on the first day of school and the Back to School BBQ on Friday, September 23rd. These are just two examples of ways the PTA would like to welcome you to our community and help you connect with other parents.

While we were fortunate to have incredible support from our community last year, we need your continued support to ensure the strength of our school as record new families join our community! There are many ways your family can support our special community, including volunteering your time, talent, or supporting our fundraisers. Please find the combination that works best for you and your family. All contributions, big and small, are valued and deeply appreciated!!

To keep our parents up to date, we communicate Clyde Hill Elementary and PTA news primarily through email with our weekly Newsletter, so we strongly encourage you to join our PTA to not only help Clyde Hill Elementary continue its’ history of success in educating our children but to also ensure receipt of the PTA Newsletter. For membership and other valuable information please visit the Join the PTA page. 

This year we will require most item sales to be NON-CASH, including PTA Memberships.  There are multiple methods that the PTA has provided for payment, including; Credit/Debit, either by card reader or online, PayPal, EFT/ACH, and even check.  By limiting cash transactions we greatly reduce risk of liability to the PTA, program chairs, members,  and also our donors.  

Cash is very difficult to track throughout the donation process and requires the addition of 100's of volunteer hours throughout the year to properly account for.  I understand that this may be an inconvenience for a select few and I thank you in advance for understanding of the reasons for this decision.   Please don't hesitate to contact me directly for any questions or concerns related to this decision.

I look forward to a fulfilling and fun year for your children and your entire family.

Jim Bodtke
Clyde Hill PTA




Upcoming Dates

June 21 - August 31   NO SCHOOL, Summer Break

Sep 1   First Day of School, Grades 1-5

Sep 6   First Day of School for Kindergarteners

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